Artist I Director I Costuming

A passionate art forms since childhood , Marlene found In practice this affects who of the draw . It directs its research toward mastery of atypical objects such that the hula hoop , the swallowing of fire and the fire dance . In its multiple interventions renowned companies ( Nagarythe, the Ark in Salt, Zoolians ... ) definitely will make it to a professional fire dancer and knowledgeable .

Same time, it expands ses fields of action , part of June through the practice of sewing, that which leads well quickly to draw and realize its a clean costumes and those of the company Manda Lights , and another part of , via the original equipment manufacturing fire , used on shows ou sold by the store .

Its vibrant creativity and passionate temperament allow Him to the times complete roles commercial charge distribution, costume , fire dancer and participate in the artistic direction of all projects .